Anew Day continues to grow...

...adding a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern (MFTI) program. This new addition provides services that enhance the Lay Counseling program. The Interns can provide marriage, family, and child therapy for the general public. This program compliments the lay counseling program already in place with two differences: first, lay counselors at Anew Day meet with individual adults and teens only and while they do wonderful work with this population, there is sometimes a need for more. 

MFT Interns are able to provide marriage, couple, family and child therapy, as well as therapy for individuals, with issues that cannot be met in a lay counselor program. Second, there is a charge for this service. This charge is based on a sliding scale with a beginning low fee structured to reach those with insufficient funds to go to licensed clinicians.

To learn more about our MFTI program, click on the "About Us" tab above and scroll down to "Intern Program".

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